In answer to a questionnaire

Q Are you happy that any questions you had were dealt with?

A  Ann was more than helpful

Q   Do you think the workshop good value for money?

A   Initially I thought it was expensive but after the day spent at ACORN COTTAGE it was well worth it

Q  Do you have any recommendations to improve the class ?

A  I thoroughly enjoyed my day, from my first cup of tea, to my lovely lunch and afternoon tea & cake.  Ann is very talented and she and her husband are a lovely couple - NO improvement needed !!!



Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and am desperate to do it again.  Hopefully we will be back soon !

Mandy R


I learnt more in this session than any other course I have been on.  All queries were absolutely dealt with and the day was excellent value for money - great food and hospitality.  The pieces I made exceeded all expectations and I will be back.  The class was perfect and I would recommend it without hesitation

Alison H


Ann is an excellent teacher with impressive practicals skills and knowledge and is sensitive to aesthetics - a real artist.  The day was definitely good value for money and the tuition was very clear, thorough and encouraging.  It was a wonderful, creative and friendly day.

Susan R

I had a perfect day with just me and my sister as newcomers.  Lots of attention and guidance.  The day was excellent value for money and I really enjoyed making my beach hut picture and didn't want the day to end.  I would definitely recommend my friends.  I loved my beach huts.  The jewellery surprised me as I didn't think I would like them but all turned out better than I expected, especially the bracelet.  This was a very relaxed day, plenty of coffee breaks, lunch was just right. I didn't expect pudding but loved it.  Thanks for the great day.


Annie was always ready to help as the class progressed, clearly explaining as we came to each technique.  All questions were answered promptly.  the amount of finished work made the value of each session very good.  I've already discussed the class with some of my ladies about attending another workshop.

Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and not being precious about it !!

The Class size was good (smaller than others I have been on ) so there was an option for 1 : 1 tuition.  The class was good value especially as lunch was included.

There was a good level of tuition to meet a one day course and the questions were dealt with helpfully and attentively.  GOOD LUNCH !!

The tuition was clear and concise with always a helpful answer to any questions. The workshop was good value for money and it was lovely to have products to show what we've done.

The workshop was very informative and covered quite a lot in just one day but still a lot more to learn at our next classes.  All questions were well dealt with and the workshop was very good value for money.  I would definitely recommend a friend.

I have been thoroughly smitten by the fusing 'bug'! I didn't know what it was all about before my first day. Annie is an inspiring teacher who really knows her craft, and is able to transmit her love of glass to us beginners.
We had a really enjoyable day and managed to create some works of art before we went home. I know that I wasn't the only one who left, already making plans to return for more lessons. Thank you Annie. I'll be back!
Joy Braintree

Just to say how thrilled I am with my glass plate.It turned out better than I could have possibly imagined. The whole family are amazed by it! They all want one now. Many thanks for all your help and patience.
L.N. Braintree

Apart from the good tuition I also got plenty of encouragement and positive comments.  Ann knows her craft and often expanded on questions to include more information for interest.  It was a very warm and couraging way to learn a new craft and was very happy with my pieces - enough to want to make more.  The lunch was fab.
S.A. Cambridge

This was the first time that I had a full appreciation of your teaching skills, clear. simple – with utter patience, your knowledge and love of passing on your passion for Glass fusing.    All of the above was absorbed by your students and we left with a feeling of accomplishment and the desire to see our finished products as well as the wish to return to make further items.

It was a really interesting and exciting day with a delightful class of like minded ladies thoroughly enjoying one another’s company, your teaching, hospitality and the whole experience of the day was a joy.   Long may you prosper..
P.H. Billericay

I love the results of my glass making workshop (January 28th), my dragonfly is hanging in my garden and my bowl is currently hosting lemons which look great against the blue glass. My mum will be very pleased with the pendant I made for her birthday. The lesson was great fun and the level of teaching was aimed correctly. Because the classes are quite small there is a lot of one-to-one advice which is great. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone who is crafty and wants to learn a new skill. Good value for money as all the materials are included and the selection of glass was super. We are hoping to come to another workshop at the end of the year to make some Christmassy things.

The tuition from Ann was over and above for the class I took from her.  This was the best class I have attended for tuition and information. I most certainly will recommend this workshop. It was good value for money and I would recommend my friends.  I loved my items and received many comments from family and friends which were very positive.
Jenette, Enfield

The tuition was clear and understandable covering all aspects including safety.   Ann was readily available and time was given to make sure we knew our next step.  All materials and tools were in place and we learned about a medium we don't often come across.  I will wear my jewellery with a sense of pride .  We were treated to a delicious lunch and refreshments during the day and I cannot think of a way the workshop could be improved upon.  THANK YOU

I learnt a great and received very clear instructions and all my queries were answered patiently.  I hope to return with another group of friends and would live to make more pieces.

As we were working in a small group you were always available to help, answer questions and make suggestions.  I am very pleased with the pieces and really enjoyed the day.

You get not only an excellent workshop but a number of completed pieces - it is very good value.

THANK YOU SO MUCH you so much for the glass cutting class we had yesterday afternoon.  I LOVED it and working in your studio – looking at your work around the walls gave one a visual of what can be achieved with practise.   Your teaching skills are professional, encouraging, thorough, clear and your patience awesome!  I was most impressed and would like to come to another class to improve my cutting.

I enjoyed working with other like minded people also trying to come to grips with the intricacies of working with glass and encouraging one another other.. I don’t think learners realise the time and precision necessary to cut the ‘blooming’ glass!  But once that is accomplished it was exciting to make my star and ‘tea pot’ stand..

David thought the brooch was amazing and I had set up the fire screen in front of our fireplace with candles lit behind and waited to see how long it would take him to notice - it did not take long and he was 'wowed'!. He  was very impressed with your design and technique and could see how much time and effort you had taken with it (he also said he thought you might be a perfectionist...)

Everything was provided - equipment, materials, refreshments, lunch (even we didn't want to stop) - I am looking forward to hearing the comments when I show friends and family

It was a lovely and interesting day.  All my questions were answered about glasses and thicknesses.  The pieces of jewellery are lovely, can't wait to wear them

Excellent value for money, Didn't really know what glass fusion was or what to expect and loved Ann's enthusiasm.  Lunch was very tasty and just right too.

Ania's latest venture into 'things creative' is just one more outlet for her great talent in the field of crafts.   Her unique designs and professional techniques bring together her artistic abilities to produce desirable pieces of jewellery made from fused and diachronic glass.   The qualities of the glass are well brought out with her bold colour combinations and shapes and the soft and delicate shades used in the necklace and ear ring sets.   The presentation of her work in the smart red and gold boxes make her work ideal for very special gifts.   Ania's ability to create a very personal design for particular occasions is well known.

Ania has made me a necklace, brooch and earrings to match an outfit for a special occasion.  It is one of a kind and much admired by friends.  I am thinking of asking for commission !!
Next item I am commissioning is a ring to match.

After spending many hours looking for something special to go with the "little black dress" Ania came up with a truly stunning necklace and earrings which have become firm favourites of mine.  The first of many I hope.

The unique green and silver necklace and earrings made by Ania Originals were much admired during the Christmas season by friends not only in Essex but Dorset and West Sussex as well.  Green being my favourite colour and not easily accessible, these items of beautiful jewellery are an important part of my accessories showing my individuality and the originality of the items.  Keep up the good work.